RioGrandeFlagThere are so many opportunities in Southern Brazil. We are planning to partner with John and Neila Yelle in their church planting efforts. We want to be able to give them help and relief wherever we can. Several of the nearby cities also have no Baptist Churches, so the opportunities for new churches are vast, and the directions God could take us in the future are limitless.

Our first term goals for our ministry are:

1. Language Learning

2. Church Planting

3. Evangelism

4. Camp Ministry

5. Helping Veteran Missionaries in the State

PingPongOne opportunity where we feel burdened is in camp ministry. One of the challenges in Caxias do Sul is the need for young people to answer to call to full-time ministry. It has been our observation and experience that many people are called during camp when they have the opportunity to separate themselves from distractions and focus on God. For many years, there has been a Baptist camp run by missionaries in another part of the state, but that camp has recently had to be paused because of the age of the missionaries. Now there are no Baptist campgrounds in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The Yelles have been working to build a camp on their property. However, they have lacked the means and workforce to really get it boosted. We want to help them build their property into a fully functioning campground. From there, several opportunities arise with year-round events like teen camp, boys camp, girls camp, single men, single ladies, young adult, married couples, and many other groups that would benefit Childrenspiritually from a camp experience. We want to fully use the property that God has given them.

When we visited Caxias do Sul on our survey trip, we visited some of the other missionaries in the state. The common need of most of them was the need for someone to come and help upgrade their media and help them set up live stream. Live stream has really become vital, especially during Covid, and many have not had the means or knowledge to effectively start a live stream.

While we were with the Yelles, we found a very effective and simple means to stream their worshipIMG 6232 services. We are in a perfect position to take some time while we are in the state to go and help our fellow missionaries with media upgrades and set up live stream. In our first term especially, we want to be a help to any missionary we can where God has placed us.

To summarize our first term goals: first, I need to learn the language; second, we are working side-by-side with the Yelles in Church planting in Caxias do Sul; third, we are working to build up the camp ministry on the Yelle’s property; fourth, we are helping boost nearby missionaries with their media, live stream, and anywhere else we can.



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