This past month, there’s not that much special to report! We had our nose to the grindstone, visited churches, set up meetings, and continued our deputation. We enjoyed our time in Oklahoma, but that chapter has come to a close. We are so grateful that Heartland Baptist Bible College, our alma mater, let us park our 5th wheel on campus for these months in Oklahoma. We will miss the people we know and love and look forward to reporting back to our supporting churches.

"What are we going to do with two weeks with no meetings?" My faith was relatively low at the time. As I looked ahead a June's calendar, we saw one meeting and many blank spaces. I was discouraged. I wondered why God would give us such a significant gap in meetings when we so greatly desire to get to the mission field! But it turns out God knew exactly what He was doing (as He always does). Our "empty" month of June turned into a very full and frantic month.

It has been a pleasure being back to some familiar places in Oklahoma. As summer has begun, our scheduling has been lighter than in previous months. A lot of time has been spent networking at our college and other churches around Oklahoma and making lots of phone calls. The Lord has been blessing our time here, and we can’t wait to see how this summer will go.

April took a bit of a different turn in our schedule. The month started as usual with a missions’ conference in Texas, but for the second week of April, we were in wedding mode. Joneia’s middle sister got MARRIED! We are so excited for them and their union. Since February, this was the first weekend that we didn’t actually have a meeting. The Lord has given us such amazing energy to continue beyond our ability. We enjoyed two conferences, a wedding, and Easter Sunday in April, and look forward to what God has for us in the coming months.

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