Two months ago, we quit our jobs, and endeavored on our deputation journey. We had no idea how much God was going to bless us! Naturally, our leap of faith was met with great opposition from the devil. First, I was tempted with a pay raise from my job! Then I was tempted by a loss in pay when Covid made me unable to go back to work for my final week! But God saw us through it, and He has blessed us far greater than any pay raise could have offered! Although I had to miss work, God knew that I needed that extra week off to get all of our media and display ready for our first meeting. God worked through the entire thing!

We are beginning deputation!

We are incredibly excited as this time has been in process for over 8 years! We have been through college, and internships, and now the Lord has made it clear that we are going to serve alongside our family in Brazil.

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Contact Us:

+1 (206) 849-3874

BRT (UTC/GMT -3 hours) Time Zone 


Sending Church:

Worth Baptist Church
Pastor Tyler Gillit

4900 Campus Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76119

+1 (817) 534-0787


Mission Agency:

Independent Baptist Fellowship International (IBFI)

PO Box 151259
Fort Worth, TX 76108

+1 (817) 367-3422