When we began on the deputation trail, we had no idea how fun it could be! This last month, we visited churches that felt so much like home. What I expected to be nerves and worry turned into joy and excitement as we got to see familiar faces in Oklahoma and Texas. God knows when we need encouragement and joy. When the trail feels long and hard, it is a blessing to see friends and family. It gives us a much needed boost to continue on our deputation trail.

What a busy month this has been! To summarize, we made it back from Washington, had a meeting, drove to Florida, had a meeting, drove back from Florida, had a meeting, drove to Oklahoma, and we are now parked in Oklahoma for a meeting. We are thrilled to have our schedule so packed and are blessed with the love and support we’ve seen so far. For me, it really feels like deputation has really taken off with weekly meetings. We are super busy, but feel so extremely blessed.

Our time in Washington came to an end. We flew back to Texas on the 29th and are excited for our meetings in the South. We are so grateful to all the churches who gave us the chance to present in Washington and those who took us on for support. It was a refreshing time to see God still working in Washington.

The Lord continues to work with us in Washington. It was a really blessed Christmas season that we had. Surprisingly, December ended up being one of our busier months so far! At the beginning of the month we received calls from pastors for meetings in December. I thought December would be the slowest month because of Christmas parties and programs. But God was so good to us and gave us more meetings in December.

Our journey in Washington has been a blast! We always love coming back to my home for the beautiful scenic views with tall mountains and trees. God’s creation is such a beautiful sight to behold. I can only imagine how beautiful heaven will be. A week before heading to Washington, we only had one meeting scheduled. A few days before arriving, and since we have been here, our schedule has very nearly booked up completely! Praise the Lord! We have only been able to continue because of God!

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